Hayley Saunders

Owner of Pearl Beach Yoga Hayley intergrates her 10 years Yoga practice, teaching nearly 4 years, being a mother of one and a professional Exercise Specialist, into every class. She is a keen teacher with the will of a student, always applying the most beifical practice to her students applying form minfuly from her personal injuries experince with rehabilitation and prehabilitation. Her sound education of the anaotmy and physiology of the human body gives her the oppotunity to make her classes unique and interseting. Ranging in techniques while having a healing property in mind, Hayley's belief through personal experience is Yoga has the power to increase ones quality of life through safe and regular practice. Hayley thrives on keeping healthy on all levels, balancing life through inner strength, a peaceful mind and an open heart in order embrace the opportunities life has to offer and feels honoured to share her practice with others in the beautiful environment of Pearl Beach she is blessed to call home.